S.T.E.A.M. Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the STEAM Labs in need of donations?

Yes!  Learning, collaborating designing is always taking place in new ways and hundreds of little designers go through consumable materials quickly!  From spare cardboard, tape and markers to leftover materials that can be laser cut, we will always have materials we're accepting as donations!  

Please contact your school office or STEAM coach for specific needs, or consider the list below for ways to donate consumable resources. Don't forget we are also seeking volunteers willing to lend TIME, hands-on support, and even community contacts, etc. so consider ways your experiences and personal hobbies could be valuable to our learners as well!

CURRENT NEED: Do you consider yourself a MAKER? Designer? Crafter? 

Please save:

Cardboard-any size, shape or color
Wrapping paper
Colored paper
Multi-colored tissue paper
Cardstock paper
Contact Paper
Pipe cleaners
Bubble wrap
Resealable boxes and other containers
Styrofoam packing
Shelf liner
Cotton swabs
Rubber bands
String Straws

Where does STEAM fit with traditional curriculum?

In partnership with the Monroe County Redevelopment Commission, R-BB is able to develop a plan for STEM education that will empower teachers and students to refocus our attention, our efforts and our resources on offering our students the skills, knowledge and foundation they need for college and careers in an evolving world.

We believe STEM education is a direct response to the realization that our students' futures will be built on its capacity for innovation, invention and creative problem solving. STEM education  - which we refer to as STEAM to emphasize the importance of the arts in innovation and design, as well as in our school community - produces exactly the kind of thinkers, innovators and problem solvers our world demands.

STEAM education creates in schools a focus on creativity and innovation that provide challenging, student-centered, inquiry-based educational experiences that are cross-disciplinary in nature and relevant to the real world. Unlike what we consider traditional school experiences in which different subject areas are treated as separate “silos,“ STEAM education integrates subjects in ways that emphasize connections across disciplines. In a STEAM-focused classroom, students develop analytical and creative skills through investigation and problem solving. STEAM offers teachers and students a means of to moving beyond an emphasis on test performance and focuses instead on developing higher-level thinking skills.

When do my kids "do" STEAM?

We have three STEAM Coaches serving R-BB schools, grades K-12. Amanda Henry is working with grades K-2, Jaime Miller with grades 3-5, and Chantal Cagle with grades 6-12. We are thrilled to be bringing new challenges and opportunities to our students and teachers at every level, and to be change agents and instructional resources as we develop our model of STEAM (STEM) education with every student in mind!

Whether your child is coming to a STEAM Lab for a specific STEAM class time (grades K-5) or a STEAM Coach is working collaboratively with your child’s classroom teachers, your children are all “doing STEM” daily, as they learn through hands-on and real-world challenges! Encourage your high schooler to check out the Tinker Space in the EHS library for a fun, yet engaging “brain break” during the day!

Intrigued? Check out our “Get Involved!” page for out-of-school time happenings!

Can we "do" STEAM at home?

Yes! STEM is real-world, meaningful, applied learning! Digging in the dirt and examining bugs to exploring favorite iPad apps, all involves some form of STEM learning.

Around the house, point out common tools and items that all have a foundation in STEM. Milk pours from a container because of gravity. Special machines have been designed and built to pasteurize the milk. Use a measuring cup to measure out 8 ounces of milk for a recipe. A simple carton of milk is brought to you by STEM.

As you drive around your community, point out how STEM has influenced and shaped the city. Who do you know, who’s working in a STEM-related field? Ask about their job or set up a time for your child to visit! There are SO many STEM jobs out there, that you may not even recognize as such...and these job opportunities are only growing!

Also, watch for the P2P Parent Involvement Newsletters for fun and easy STEM Family Challenges!
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      R-BB STEAM Program

      R-BB STEAM Coordinator &
      Gr. K-2 Coach

      Mandy Henry
      Gr. 3-5 Coach
      John Kerr

      Gr. 6-12 Coach
      Chantal Cagle 

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    • Vision/Mission

      Vision: Educating students for a world where learning is continuous, relevant, and adaptive.

      Mission: At RBBCSC students will be empowered through STEAM educational opportunities to become globally aware and locally engaged leaders and innovators, who will leave our schools with a capacity for critical thinking, creative design, effective communication and collaboration skills.

  • Certification

    STEM Certification is earned through the Indiana Department of Education through a multiple-step process.  Click here for detailed information. 

    EPS (K-2) STEM Certified May, 2019

    EIS (3-5) STEM Certified May, 2019

    EJHS (6-8) STEM Certification in progress

    EHS (9-12) STEM Certification in progress