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RBBCSC's Vision for Digital Learning
The Mission Statement of the Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation (R-BB) is to "...provide students with an education that promotes responsible citizenship, develops critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity." As our students enter our schools from kindergarten to high school, we want to make sure they are engaged in their learning in authentic and purposeful ways. In order to achieve this mission, our educators need to provide students with learning opportunities that support the development of these skills, which our students will need as they work toward realizing college and career goals.  Digital learning, with systemic and purposeful integration throughout the instructional day, is an integral part of this endeavor.

R-BB has been a leader in Indiana's K-12 public education shift to digital learning as a means of engaging students in the instructional process.  We believe that digital learning is not just about providing students with a device from which they passively absorb content. Conversely, with strategic technology-integrated curriculum and instruction, students learn how to effectively and responsibly leverage technology in their own pursuit of knowledge, developing experiences and skills they will use as innovative thinkers and life-long learners.

Current Structure of the 1:1 Device Initiative and Digital Learning:
R-BB began its 1:1 student to device initiative at the secondary level in 2011.  Today, students in grades 5-12 employ 1:1 Chromebook devices, and students in K-1 and 2-4 are 2:1 with iPad and Chromebook devices, respectively. Through the integration of these devices, teachers have developed authentic collaborative and creative learning opportunities for students across core and related arts courses.  Students access course content and engage in collaborative learning with students and staff primarily through learning management systems (primarily Google Classroom). Additionally, students K-12 receive instruction on digital citizenship skills and practice related applications throughout their coursework. With this practice, students develop their understanding of the role of technology, and its ethical and responsible use, in all aspects of our increasingly digital world.

Future Goals for Digital Learning and STEM Education:
Digital and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)-based learning structures are designed to support and complement one another. The following goals have been established to guide our corporation's continued work in providing students with the skills and experiences necessary for college and careers beyond the classroom.

Goal #1: Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, we will begin exploring e-learning day opportunities throughout our district.
The district will work in conjunction with the Indiana Department of Education to help build e-learning day opportunities both into our schedule and as an alternative to weather cancellations.  Curriculum for e-learning days will be in-line with current teaching and content, adapted to student needs, and flexible to work within a variety of home situations.

Goal #2: We will provide students with learning opportunities that spark their creativity and engage them in collaborative work as active participants and contributors to their learning.
We want to provide support for our students as they become more deeply engaged in the objectives outlined by the Indiana Academic Standards for College and Career Readiness.  The ways in which students and educators collaborate and create with Google for Education suite of applications (G Suite) increases students’ access to instructional content and provides opportunities for greater collaboration with classmates and educators; the Chromebook device provides access to these platforms in a hard-key format.

Goal #3: We will engage students in problem-based learning (PBL) opportunities through STEM-based learning structures.
In December 2015, the Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation was awarded a sizable and generous grant from the Monroe County Redevelopment Commission to develop and implement a STEM-based learning structure for all K-12 students attending R-BB Schools. STEM education brings many exciting opportunities to students, staff, parents, the R-BB community and Monroe County. This grant will span a six year period and will be used to develop professional learning structures for educator training in STEM Education, to purchase and implement instructional resources to support STEM education, and to develop the technological and physical structure to support STEM Education. Through the development of STEM-based learning structures at R-BB, students will be afforded problem-based learning opportunities through their core curriculum courses and STEM-based curricular modules in all grade levels K-12.

If you would like to learn more about R-BB's STEAM program (at R-BB, we have also chosen to include our commitment to the arts) - please visit our R-BB STEAM page.  If you have any questions regarding these initiatives, please contact Jaime Miller, STEAM Coach and Program Coordinator at jmiller@rbbschools.net or Meighan Scott, district technology coach, at mscott@rbbschools.net.