Welcome to Edgewood Early Childhood Center


At Edgewood Early Childhood Center, we are excited to partner with you to make your child's first school experience a wonderful first step for them and for you!  Our dedicated staff, tremendous facilities, and creative curriculum combine to make an environment we can't wait for you to join! 

Lunch Reservations

If your child attends all day and you would like to eat lunch with him/her, please know that you are welcome to this!  Please click on this link to schedule a day.  It is the RBBCSC policy to have all adult visitors complete a Volunteer Form (link here) before arriving.  All visitors must check into the front office to sign-in.

Mission Statement

To ensure that all children attending our preschool develop a positive self-concept, the ability to problem-solve, the ability to negotiate with their peers and engage in a variety of hands-on, language-rich, learning experiences that will establish the foundation for life-long learning.

Preschool Pledge
Preschool is a safe place to be.
Everyone cares about me.
I will do the right thing. I will treat people right.

Belief Statements
  • We believe that families are the primary teachers for their children
  • We believe that all children have the capacity to learn and grow as individuals
  • We believe that young children learn best by doing
  • We believe that children learn through active involvement with their environment
  • We believe that each new experience adds to the learning process
  • We believe that children learn best through play