Forest Hills Special Education Cooperative

Our goal at Forest Hills is to provide special education services to students with disabilities in the Richland-Bean Blossom and Spencer-Owen Community Schools.

PHONE: (812) 876-6325 FAX: (812) 876-5424

Jennifer Anderson eMail X2154 Director of Special Education
Katie Edwards eMail x2155 Preschool Coordinator-Contact for Early Childhood Referrals
Jennifer Johnson eMail X2150 Administrative Assistant
Maggie Burks eMail X2160 Preschool Secretary
Mallory Trescone eMail   School Psychologist
Karen Nasstrom eMail   School Psychologist
Kristi Bevis eMail   School Psychologist
Mary K Ciasto eMail   Speech/Language Pathologist Preschool (Spencer)
  eMail   Speech/Language Pathologist Preschool
Angie Grimes eMail   Speech/Language Pathologist - Gosport/Patricksburg
Kim Hurley eMail   Speech/Language Pathologist
Brenda Burton eMail X2165 Occupational Therapist
Kara Landgrebe eMail   Occupational Therapist
Sarah Casper  eMail   Physical Therapist 
Kim Binford eMail   Teacher for the Blind or Low Vision
 Leslie Gooldy eMail   Teacher for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Carol Berney eMail   School Social Worker