Substitute Teachers Employment

Certification Requirements

In order to be a Substitute Teacher, you must hold either a valid Indiana Teachers License or a valid Indiana Substitute Permit, have completed 24 credit hours of college education and pass an expanded criminal history background check.

Hiring Process
  1. Complete the Classified Application via our online application portal.
  2. Certification = a valid Indiana Teacher's License, a valid Indiana Substitute Teacher's Permit or Substitute Teacher's Permit which can be obtained online at
  3. College Grade Transcripts - can be from the internet, with printed name included and must show at least 24 completed hours
  4. Universal Precautions - attend an in-service at time of orientation or provide proof with date of attendance from another source, must be less than one year old
  5. Two pieces of identification - copy of a valid passport OR a copy of driver's license, social security card or birth certificate
  6. Must pass an expanded criminal history report - run by Safe Schools, $29.00 (minimum) you may apply online at (after completing orientation to sub)
  7. All requested documents can be uploaded through the online application portal.
Please call or email Robin May at 812-876-7100 or to set up an appointment for substitute teaching.