School Policies

The Administrative team of EJHS is proud to present this newly updated student handbook . The handbook has been revised and is easier to understand, yet it reflects the rules and policies by which our students conduct themselves while here at Edgewood and when outside of our school representing Edgewood. We encourage students and parents/guardians to read the student handbook and become familiar with the rules and policies of Edgewood. We would also like to remind all who learn and work here at EJHS that the rules and policies are intended to foster our educational mission, protect the rights of individuals, and provide a "disciplined environment dedicated to developing life-long learners."

Download, review, and print the Edgewood Junior High School Student Handbook

Edgewood Junior High School Vision Statement

At EJHS we promote Creativity, Optimism, Learning, Togetherness, Success, in a united effort to provide all students with social, academic, and real-world skills.

Edgewood Junior High School Mission Statement

Edgewood Junior High School is a disciplined environment dedicated to developing lifelong learners.