Student Clubs and Organizations

Academic Super Bowl
- English
- Math
- Science
- Social Studies 
- Fine Arts

  • open to all students
  • meets weekly
  • participates in competitions
Kyle Winkler
Rachel Mathias
Christian Axsiom
Doug Uhls
Caroline Boisvert

  • open to all students
  • attend and sponsor art events, publish AESOP Magazine each spring which includes short stories, poetry and artwork created by EHS students
Melissa Junken
Art Club   Alison Benincase
Best Friends Club
  • open to all students
  • scheduled meetings during homeroom
  • social club which participates in activities for the set purpose of creating bonds of friendship between EHS peers and students who simply need a friend
Jeff Carmichael
  • scheduled meetings during homeroom
Sheila Wright 
French Club
  • open to current or former students of French
  • scheduled meetings during homeroom
  • participates in Christmas caroling, Mardi Gras Celebration & various other French-related activities
Elise Tiller 
French Honor Society
  • open to French students who meet set academic requirements
  • plans and participates in National French Week, French Club, the French sponosored can drive, and the French Honor Society induction ceremony 
Elise Tiller 
German Club
  • open to students of German
  • scheduled meetings during homeroom
  • play games, eat and make food, celebrate holidays, have trivia contests, offer excursions to culturally-relevant area events
Amy Norris 
  • open to all EHS students
  • meets twice a month with work sessions on non-meeting weeks
Callie Schlemmer
Christian Axsiom
Junior Advisory Board
  • open to members of the Junior Class
  • main project is to plan EHS prom 
Robin Taft
Heather Niehoff
Key Club

  • open to all students
  • an international student-led service organization, provides opportunities fo rcharacter building and leadership development 
Becky Murphy
Leadership Academy 
  • open to student council members, class officers and other leaders by invitation/application
  • meets throughout the year
  • discusses the needs of EHS, engages in leadership skills development, plans the All-Nighter 
Jerry Bland 
Mustang Mentors
  • open to Juniors and Seniors
  • serve as mentors for incoming freshmen students, help with Freshman Orientation 
Caroline Boisvert-Storey
Katie Brookman
National Honor Society 
  • open to students who maintain set academic standards 
Heather Niehoff 
Reading Club
  • open to all students
  • scheduled meetings during homeroom 
  • reading club which meets to discuss and advise great books
Alicia Dirk 
Spanish Club 
  • open to students of Spanish
  • scheduled meetings during homeroom
Brittney Clay
Student Council
  • open to students elected by peers
  • meets twice a month with additional required events
  • meet to discuss decisions regarding school activities, neighborhood projects, charitable events, and various fundraisers, promoting student cohesiveness, school spirit and community awareness
Katie Brookman
Caroline Boisvert-Storey
Edgewood Theatre Arts
  • open to all students
  • meets during the fall and winter to practice for bi-annual productions, drama club
Sheila Carter 

EHS Mission Statement

The mission of Edgewood High School is to develop responsible, self-motivated, and culturally aware citizens in an engaging learning environment that includes a wide range of curricular and extracurricular experiences. We challenge our students to achieve the highest individual level of success as knowledgeable, resourceful learners who emerge as critical thinkers, communicators and collaborators.