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Girls' Night 2016


At our 7th annual Girls Night Out on January 21st, students are able to explore a variety of sites, apps, and videos with their guest that will show them some ideas of activities to enjoy together." The "Tech Time Together" station is run by RBB parent Amy Lanham.

The following sites, apps, or videos are activities that you and a grown up can enjoy together. Look over the list and pick something you would like to explore! Take the list home and have fun trying out some new things!

iStopMotion for iPad app: Make your own stop motion animated videos; $9.99
Toontastic app: make your own cartoons; free

Hair Cute Girls Hairstyles on YouTube Princess Hairstyles Channel

Food Nerdy Nummies, a YouTube channel based on sci-fi and fantasy 12-year-old Amber introduces healthy recipes for kids on this channel. Young Charli and sometimes her little sister introduce you to some fun treats to make. Sarah is a mom to two kids and loves to post videos for kid-friendly recipes. She is popular with kids and adults alike.

Crafts Craft channel for simple kids crafts like lip balm and gel air freshener Channel forBaking, play-doh, nail art, and more! Origami YouTube channel

Science and Technology Science experiment channel with experiments you can do at home. her motto, "Girls can be geeks, too!" the British host of this how-to channel teaches girls skills like soldering, computer programming, and game design.
SkyView App: point your phone at the sky to find stars, constellations, and more; free

Duolingo App: Learn a new language together through competition; free

Get more ideas on You can find reviews for movies, games, TV shows, books, apps, web sites and music for kids. Very helpful!

Guys’ Night 2016