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Colts in Motion!

Colts in Motion!
We are kicking off the school year with the Indianapolis Colts and the United States Marines. On Wednesday August 13th from 5:00-7:00 pm, the Edgewood campus will be open to the community to visit the Colts in Motion mobile museum and see the United States Marines Humvee with Sgt. Cunningham. The Colts in Motion will be 

located in the junior high north parking lot with at least one inflatable for students. There will be DJ music played by Edgewood teacher Troy Guthrie and a Marine pull up challenge bar with the Humvee located near the football practice field. There will be snacks and water provided by RBBCSC to all community members and the entire event is free of charge. We want to welcome back our school family by bringing the Indianapolis Colts to our students.

In conjunction with the Colts in Motion the high school will have their “Meet Your Teacher,” event beginning at 7:00.

It’s going to be a great time for the entire family. So please come out, bring your children from ALL grades to see the Colts in Motion mobile museum, honor the U.S. Marines, and have a snack while listening to music. EVERYTHING IS FREE OF CHARGE! It’s our way of having a kickoff for the school year and saying thank you to the families of our students. We look forward to seeing everyone!
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