Middle school students are faced with many choices everyday…       Should I get out of bed today?       What should I wear?       Will I be nice to my friends?       How hard am I going to work?          Who will I sit with at lunch?       Will this be a good day?       Will I try my hardest today?       Should I take Algebra?      What do I want to be when I grow up?      Should I try out for basketball?      I am embarrassed, what will I do?      Everybody is making fun of my shoes, what should I do?Facing these choices can be overwhelming, frustrating, and distracting to students.  Making bad choices can create barriers that block learning and progress at school.  Being able to make sound choices is a skill that students need to acquire in order to help ensure successful, productive days and greater achievement At Edgewood Junior High School, the counseling department is dedicated to helping students learn how to make sound choices in the areas of academics, careers, and personal/social issues.  Through individual counseling, group counseling and classroom guidance lessons, students will be led to discover strategies for maneuvering through situations of choice and the power they have through making sound choices.- A. Phillips