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Active Listening

My eyes are on the teacher, my ears are open, I am not chatting with my neighbor, I am not doing anything distracting... yet I'm thinking about what is for lunch. We have all been this student!

Active listening is listening with your ears, eyes, and heart. The last part of this definition may surprise you, but it is something our students at EJHS are practicing daily. Since childhood we've heard the instruction, "eyes on me" or "ears open," but listening with your heart seems to put things into a better perspective. We constantly are only half-way listening and paying attention, often distracted by technology or other factors, so listening with your heart takes communication to a different level. Hearing what is being said and truly synthesizing the information is what active listening is all about. If given instructions, you could then repeat them back, or otherwise summarize what you were told. This is a great way to let another person know you truly hear them. Let us all keep in mind active listening the next time we're given the instruction to "listen up!"

-R. Perkins

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