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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get to Edgewood Primary School?
A: From Highway 37 take State Road 46 West to Ellettsville. Turn left on Sales Street (which becomes Reeves Road) Continue through the 3-way and then 4-way stops and the Edgewood Primary and Edgewood Intermediate Schools will be located on the right-hand side of the road. The Primary building is on the left.

Q: What is the phone number of the school? Fax number? Address?
A: The phone # is 812-876-9600. The fax # is 812-876-9611 and the address is 7700 West Reeves Rd. Bloomington, IN. 47404

Q: What are the school hours?
A: The first bell rings at 8:25 A.M. Students should be in their classrooms before the tardy bell rings at 8:40. School dismissal is at 3:15.

Q: What are the pick-up and drop-off procedures?
A: Pick-up and Drop-off for the regular school day takes place in the front of the building. School staff will be available to assist your child during drop off or pick up along the curb. If you plan to get out of your car, please park in the parking lot.

Q: What is the "Delayed Start"? 
A: Every Wednesday morning school is delayed for a half-hour to allow for Professional Development time. The first bell rings at 8:55 A.M. Students should be in their classrooms before the tardy bell rings at 9:10. Buses will transport students according to this half-hour delay. 

Q: Should I report when my child is absent?
A: Yes, Parents need to call the office to report the absence. If calling before or after school hours you will be directed to the attendance line - please leave a message. Please do not contact the teacher. Teachers will receive the message from the office.

Q: What do we do if our child is late to school?
A: Please accompany your child into the office where your child will be given a pass to class.

Q: What do we do if our child needs to be picked up early from school?
A: It is always helpful to send a note to school so the teacher is aware that the student will be leaving and able to send any papers/items home with your child. When you arrive to pick up your child you will need to stop in the office to sign the child out and someone will call the classroom to have your child sent to the office. We do not want to interrupt instructional time by having parents going to the classroom.

Q: What do we do if we need to take our child out of school for a family vacation?
A: Pre-arranged absence forms should be filled out in the office and approved by the principal. Students are required to make up missed assignments and may be given assignments ahead of time to complete.

Q: How many students are enrolled at the Edgewood Primary School?
A: Approximately 600 students attend Edgewood Primary School in grades kindergarten through second.

Q: What size are the classes per grade level?
A: Kindergarten averages 24 students per class, First-grade averages 26 students per class, Second-grade averages 25 students per class.

Q: Do you have before and after school care?
A: Yes, the program is called Latch Key. Latch Key provides supervised care before school from 6:30-8:25 and after school from 3:15-5:45. For more information contact Erin Pace' ext. 2823

Q: Do you offer full-day kindergarten?
A: Yes, we have offered full-day Kindergarten in all of our classes since the school year 2011-2012.

Q: How can I contact my child's teacher?
A: We encourage interaction between parents and teachers, however, we discourage interrupting instructional time. You will be directed to leave a voice mail message for the teacher. Teachers will then return messages as they are able. If the message is urgent call the office and we will contact the teacher for you. You may also e-mail your child's teacher. Their e-mails are listed on the Staff Directory.

Q: Is it possible to e-mail the School Principal with questions or concerns?
A: Yes, please feel free to e-mail Mrs. Brenda Whitaker - bwhitaker@rbbschools.net

Q: How much are student meals? What time is lunch? Are we able to eat with our children? Are we able to bring outside food in to eat with our child? How do we know what the cafeteria is serving?
A: Breakfast is $1.10, Reduced breakfast is $.30. Lunch is $2.35 and reduced lunch is $.40. Adult breakfast is $1.60 and adult lunch is $3.00. SECOND-grade lunch is at 11:00 am, FIRST-grade lunch is at 11:35 am, and  KINDERGARTEN lunch is at 12:15 pm. Parents are welcome to eat with their children once they have completed the background check and signed up for a lunch reservation. You may purchase a tray lunch (must have exact cash) or bring lunch in. We simply ask that you sign in at the office as a visitor before going to the cafeteria. Menus are available here.

Q: How do I know when my child's lunch account is getting low?
A: Notices are emailed home when the accounts begin to get low. If you ever have any questions please call Vicki Coffey, Food Director @876-7805.

Q: If school is delayed or canceled how do I find out?
A: Look for the stoplight located on the RBBCSC website. Green indicates school is in session. Yellow indicates a delay and Red indicates school is closed. Be sure to also include Alert numbers in Harmony for our automated call service.

Q: How can I become more involved in Edgewood Primary?
A: There are many ways parents can become more involved in our school. The PTO meets every month to plan activities. Teachers welcome parent volunteers in the classrooms and chaperones for field trips. The Family Involvement Coordinator provides many opportunities to get families involved in the school.
EPS is a place where we feel safe, care about each other and learn.