Student Info Access

New Students to RBBCSC:  Please call the respective school to make an appointment.

Transfer Students to RBBCSCStudents who would like to transfer to the RBB school corporation must complete the Student Transfer Request Form and return to the Superintendent's office for approval. Compeleted forms can be emailed to Shanna Oliver, Executive Secretary to the Superintendent.

Transportation:  For transportation information, you may either call Jason Freeman  at 876-8537 or email him.

Bookfees:  Bookfees are due at the time of registration. If full payment cannot be made at that time please fill out the Book Rental Payment Agreement and email the completed form to Jetta Norris.

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EPS smEdgewood Primary School Edgewood Primary School Website
New Students Call: 812-876-9600

 EPS 2016-2017 Supply List

EIS smEdgewood Intermediate School Edgewood Intermediate School Website
New Students Call: 812-876-2219

 EIS 2016-2017 Supply List
SES smStinesville Elementary School Stinesville Elementary School
New Students Call: 812-876-2474

  SES 2916-2017 Supply List
EECC smEdgewood Early Childhood Center Edgewood Early Childhood Center
New Students Call: 812-876-6325

 EECC 2016-2017 Supply List
EJHS smEdgewood Junior High School Edgewood Junior High School Website
New Students Call: 812-876-2005

 EJHS 2016-2017 Supply List

EHS smEdgewood High School Edgewood High School Website
New Students Call: 812-876-2277

High School students do not have supply lists as courses vary per student. If teachers have supply requests they will inform the individual students.