Staff Directory

EJHS Main Office
Name Email Address Extension Position
Mrs. Atkinson 2318 Principal
Mr. Riggleman 2311 Assistant Principal
Mrs. Phillips 2310 Counselor
Mrs. Schlemmer 2316 Counselor
Ms. Berney 2306 Social Worker
Mrs. Yarbor 2395 Speech/Hearing
Mrs. Mann 2317 Health Aide
Mrs. Fletcher 2312 School Secretary
Mrs. Ashba 2313 Attendance Clerk
Mrs. Norris 2314 Guidance Secretary
EJHS Teaching Staff
Name Email Address Extension Position
Mrs. Beeman 2378 8th Grade Special Education
Mrs. Cagle 2327 STEM Coordinator
Mrs. Cline 2375 7th Grade Math
Mrs. Cowden 2374 7th Grade Language Arts
Mrs. Christy 2384 6th Grade Science
Mr. Doades 2390 Choir
Mrs. Entrekin 2381 6th Grade Language Arts
Ms. Epperson 2369 7th/8th Grade Social Studies
Mrs. Erickson 2371 7th Grade Science/8th Grade Biology
Mr. Evans 2377 7th Grade Social Studies
Mr. Gallagher 2365 8th Grade Math/Algebra
Mr. Gill 2388 6th Grade Math
Mrs. Guest-Scott 2362 8th Grade Language Arts
Ms. Hann 2322 6th Grade Social Studies
Mrs. Hastings 2367 7th/8th Grade Science
Ms. Hillenburg 2366 8th Grade Science
Mrs. Caroline Koehler 2328 6th Grade Special Education
Mr. Curt Koehler 2351 Band
Ms. Ledbetter 2396 6th Grade Language Arts
Mr. Livingston 2361 Physical Education
Mrs. McConnell 2363 8th Grade Language Arts
Mrs. McGlothlin 2373 7th Grade Language Arts
Ms. Millick 2386 Art
Mr. Mobley 2383 6th Grade Social Studies
Mr. Moorhead 2382 6th Grade Math
Mrs. Musselwhite 2385 Health & Wellness
Ms. Richardson 2341 ADTP
Mrs. Rivera-Gill 2379 7th Grade Special Ed
Mr. Roeger 2380 6th Grade Special Ed
Ms. Shackelford 2387 6th Grade Science
Mr. Sigman 2368 8th Grade Social Studies
Mr. Van Lue 2376 7th Grade Math/Algebra
Ms. Walters 2360 Physical Education
Mrs. Wells 2364 8th Grade Math
EJHS Instructional Assistants
Name Email Address Extension Position
Miss Adair   Instructional Assistant
Ms. Edgeman 2341 Highly Qualified Instructional Assistant - ADTP
Mrs. Grubb 2345 Library Assistant
Mr. Hamilton 2341 Instructional Assistant - ADTP
Mrs. Hancock 2379 Instructional Assistant - 7th Grade
Mrs. Hines   Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Myers   Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Smith   Instructional Assistant

Edgewood Junior High School Vision Statement

At EJHS we promote: Creativity, Optimism, Learning, Togetherness, Success, in a united effort to provide all students with social, academic, and real-world skills.

Edgewood Junior High School Mission Statement

Edgewood Junior High School is a disciplined environment dedicated to developing lifelong learners.