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Daily Announcements

Word of the Week (words & definitions taken from www.greatexpectations.org)
desecrate (verb)
: to treat something usually sacred with disrespect

EHS Events Saturday
2:00 PM Track & Field Indoor State Finals - More info can be found on the Edgewood Athletics page.

General Announcements

Solution Tree is offering a six-week summer internship opportunity for incoming juniors and seniors to gain experience in six of their departments. Please see the attached sheet that contains more information about the internship program as well as the application.

Leadership Academy is looking for chaperones for the All-Nighter on April 7! If you have a parent or guardian interested please have them email Annie Lindsey at aglindsey@rbbschools.net or jbland@rbbschools.net for further information.

Student Activities:
Attention: Do you love to read and critique poetry, short stories, 2D art, and other works of creative writing? If so, you should join the staff of AESOP, Edgewood's very own literary magazine created by and for the students of EHS! We will have a short call-out meeting on Wednesday, March 29 after school in Mrs. Junken's room (A117). If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Junken!

Attention Best Friends Club: Don't forget that Sunday, March 26, we are bowling! Watch your email for more info.

Junior/Senior Prom, April 29, 2017, "Elegance is Key":
Prom tickets will follow pricing below.
Seniors- $30
Juniors w/ 12 magazines- 2 free tickets
Juniors w/ 6 magazines- 1 free ticket
Juniors w/ 3 magazines- $30
Juniors w/ no magazines- $80
EHS Guest- $35
Non EHS Guest- $40

EHS Prom Guest Request: For non-EHS guests who attend other high schools

RBB Prom Form: For non-EHS guests who do not attend other high schools (college students or guest not affiliated with an educational setting)

Please note that prices will go up by $5 each week beginning April 3.
Week of April 3 +$5
Week of April 10 +$10
Week of April 17 + $15
Last Day to purchase tickets will be April 21.

Guidance Department:
Students can register for one or two FREE online summer school courses via the Achieve Virtual Academy. Online enrollment opens on April 4. You are recommended to enroll early on April 4 because they will close enrollment after they have reached a cap; last year enrollment closed after just four days.
Contact your counselor for information on which class(es) to request.
Please visit the following link for more information (and view the attached flyer):
EHS will also offer summer school this summer for credit recovery purposes. EHS summer school will begin May 30 and will last approximately four weeks. Summer school sign-ups have not yet begun, but more information will be shared soon.


EHS Mission Statement

The mission of Edgewood High School is to develop responsible, self-motivated, and culturally aware citizens in an engaging learning environment that includes a wide range of curricular and extracurricular experiences. We challenge our students to achieve the highest individual level of success as knowledgeable, resourceful learners who emerge as critical thinkers, communicators and collaborators.